You’re either exploring DeFi, or you’re staying broke!

Godswill Akpan
2 min readMay 13, 2024


Newbies, crypto enthusiasts, and investors are fading the beauty of sweet features in DeFi like liquid staking because they are not properly educated.

Learning about DeFi means exploring the diverse features and opportunities within its ecosystem.

There are quite a lot of opportunities to win in this space, in my opinion, and access to valuable Alohas is how you win here. I’m personally big on liquid staking as it is a disruptive concept that further revolutionizes tradFi.

I wrote extensively a couple of weeks ago about this concept, you can read about it here:

A good place to explore liquid staking is Dexter. Since the launch of the stkXPRT pool on Dexter, there’s been quite some noise in the Persistence ecosystem.

A liquidity pool is simply a crowdsourced pool of cryptocurrencies or tokens locked in a smart contract that is used to facilitate trades between the assets on a decentralized exchange (DEX).

Liquidity providers get to earn a share of trading fees (it’s worthy to note that they are also exposed to risks, like impermanent losses).

Recently, stkXPRT/XPRT pool emerged among the TOP POOLs on Dexter Zone. (5th ranked pool)

With the XPRT pool on Dexter, users can now;

➡️ Convert staked XPRT to bonded stkXPRT LP

🌊 Provide stkXPRT liquidity to earn trading fees

🔄 Trade efficiently

Bonded tokens, like stkXPRT, are a type of cryptocurrency token that represents a “bonded” or locked version of another token, in this case, XPRT.

Bonded tokens like stkXPRT offer several benefits, including:

- Increased liquidity

- Enhanced utility

- New investment opportunities

- Incentivized participation in network maintenance and validation.

With over $200k pool liquidity, and a whooping APR of ~15%, more and more DeFi investors are quickly diving into the stkXPRT pool.

Good thing that of Dexter announced its smart contract upgrade to cater for the current influx.

From my projection, we should definitely see about ~$500k to ~$1M locked in this pool before the month runs out.

Could liquid staking qualify investors for cool airdrops like $NIM $DYM and $TIA, asides the sweet APRs to earn from?

Well, we just gotta find out😜😜😜
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