The Mogul Production Frequently Asked Questions

This compiled article aims to address all the frequently asked questions about Mogul Productions.

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What is an Access Pass?

The Access Pass NFT represents your level of access within the Mogul platform; each level of access will have different experiences and rewards available to them related to Mogul-produced movies. For example, Red Carpet Access Pass holders will have exclusive events curated specifically for them, such as private screenings. The NFTs are transferable and the benefits are given to the holder of the non-fungible (NFT) token.

How do I purchase STARS

You can either purchase STARS directly through our website here or from an external source (currently Uniswap, Bitmart, and Binance Smart Chain).

You will often get a better price with the second option, as STARS are sold at a fixed price on Mogul. Here’s a guide on Uniswap and how to use it.

You can read more about the STARS token on our website here.

How do I view STARS in my MetaMask wallet

When you purchase STARS (either on our site or on Uniswap) you may see that they’re not showing up in your MetaMask wallet. Not to worry, you just need to add STARS as a custom token.

The fastest way to do this is to head to the Coingecko page for STARS and click the MetaMask icon next to the Contract address. You’ll need to be on a computer with the Chrome extension installed).

Finally, just hit Add Token. This will automatically add the token to your wallet so you can see your token balance and its approximate value in the fiat currency that matches your MetaMask settings.

How to sell your Mogul NFT

If you’d like to sell your Mogul NFT, initially you will be able to do this on You’ll also be able to sell / purchase Mogul NFTs natively (and without gas fees) once the Mogul Productions NFT marketplace has been released.

Here’s a handy guide from OpenSea which runs through the process of listing an NFT for sale

How Does Growth Farming Work on Mogul

Mogul Growth Farming, which is a fork of Sushi Master Chef, will allow Mogul community members to earn more STARS over the course of the next few months by staking their tokens. Inspiration for this contract was taken from Sushiswap, who had the most successful user acquisition oriented farming campaign in the history of blockchain.

The audit of the contract was performed by Zokyo Labs and can be seen here.

STARS Master Chef will have two pools:

  1. STARS only pool: a pool where users can directly stake their STARS tokens
  2. STARS_ETH pool: a pool where Uniswap liquidity providers can stake their STARS_ETH tokens

A total of 40 million STARS tokens will be distributed to Mogul users through this growth campaign. 90% of the rewards will be distributed to the STARS_ETH pool and 10% of the rewards will be distributed to the STARS pool.

10% of STARS will be given to participants over a 3–4 month period.

To learn more about Mogul, you can connect here:




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