The KeplerSwap Security System

Godswill Akpan
2 min readOct 27, 2021


KeplerSwap is a decentralized trading platform for professionals based on blockchain technology. On a mix of blockchains, it provides players with a full solution for identity security, asset security, and autonomous trade.

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is a set of smart contract-based goods and services that allow anybody, anywhere in the world, to borrow, lend, maximize yield, and do a lot more. Participation in this ground-breaking new sort of financing is not limited by geographical location or local economic infrastructure. There will be no more credit checks or mortgage interviews; just safe, on-chain data will be available.

You’ve probably definitely been urged to perform your own research before investing in a DeFi platform.

How can you be sure your study is complete when the ecosystem’s complexity is expanding by the day and not everyone is a cutting-edge smart contract developer? Check to see if a project has been audited by a reputable firm before you invest any money.

This provides a brand-based guarantee for the platform’s security. KeplerSwap intends to differentiate itself from the usual SWAP coding scheme by focusing on the major transaction component and safety evaluation approaches from most commercially available solutions.

What Does a Smart Contract Audit Entail?

A smart contract audit is a detailed examination and study of a smart contract’s code that interacts with a cryptocurrency or blockchain.

This approach is used to detect errors, faults, and security vulnerabilities in code in order to advise modifications and remedies. Smart contract audits are usually necessary since most smart contracts deal with financial assets and/or precious things.

Because smart contracts regularly interact with one another, and any interactions with third-party systems might render the system insecure, such testing is difficult to do. As a result, the tests are typically broadened to cover other smart contracts participating in any transactions, including those with whom it interacts. In most cases, such evaluations comprise human code examination and running tests. Smart contracts manage a lot of money, and a single fault or vulnerability might result in a lot of money being lost.

More precisely, the decentralized application’s users and stakeholders may lose all of the ecosystem’s assets.

Certik’s observations had been fulfilled and resolved by KeplerSwap, guaranteeing a high level of security standards and industry regulations. This approach included two rounds of comprehensive and technical analysis. On the main transaction section and safety evaluation methodologies from most commercially accessible projects, KeplerSwap attempts to set itself apart from the typical SWAP coding scheme.

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