Router Protocol Audited by Halborn

Router protocol was audited by Halborn Security, a leading security firm and they successfully passed both audits. This is to tell the community that a great breakthrough has been achieved and it brings them closer to the product roll-out. The audits were in two phases — the smart contracts and the Router Bridge. The first phase of audit was successfully passed in November which was the Halborn’s smart contract audit and now the second phase has been passed successfully which is the GoBridge. The audits can be accessed on the Github.

Objectives of the Audit

The audit was carried out to ensure that the bridge and smart contract functions operate as planned and also to identify any potential security issues with the bridge and smart contracts.

The above objectives were achieved by carrying out a combination of manual and automated security testing by full-time security engineers with deep knowledge of the blockchain industry. The engineers conducted advance penetration testing and thereafter, Halborn gave guidance on the best security practices to the Router team.

During the audits, there were findings. Firstly, Halborn gave the Router team a report and also recommendations for remedy when vulnerabilities are discovered and the team was able to offer remedy for all security reports. The smart contract audit highlighted a security vulnerability with a critical risk level, two vulnerabilities of medium risk level, one medium, and various low and informational ones making it very useful to the product. While the GoBridge audit results were better with no critical or high-risk vulnerabilities found in the code.


Halborn brings award-winning, ethical hackers and blockchain specialists into the company to protect the services and apps working directly with your preferred protocol from cyber-attacks. They use deep security inspection and the latest offensive security tactics to find out critical vulnerabilities in the applications before they are exploited. Halborn provides an exceedingly thorough analysis of a blockchain application’s smart contracts in order to correct design issues, errors in code, or identify security vulnerabilities. They also perform manual analysis and automated testing to make sure your smart contract application or DeFi platform is ready for mainnet. The team is made up of world-class security experts.

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FrontEnd Developer | Machine Learning Enthusiast | Digital Marketer | Content Creator | Rugged Christian

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