Reef Finance has teamed up with DEIP Network to offer customers a new type of DeFi investment opportunity based on intellectual rights.

DEIP Network is a Web 3.0 Layer-2 protocol created on Substrate that allows for the decentralized discovery, assessment, licensing, and trade of intellectual assets. Users may convert any intangible asset, such as patents, copyrights, innovations, and intellectual assets, into fractional NFTs using DEIP’s Intellectual Capital Protocol.

Following that, the fractional NFTs may be exchanged, giving the holders fractional ownership of the assets. DEIP aspires to build a basic architecture that is fair, transparent, and untrustworthy in order to unleash the full potential of creators all around the world.

Reef is the first cross-chain DeFi operating system in the world, providing investors with the simplest entry point and the finest investment opportunities throughout the whole DeFi ecosystem. The Reef Operating System collects liquidity from both centralized and decentralized sources and distributes it to users in the form of multiple DeFi baskets. Reef Finance has also created Reef Chain, a blockchain built on Substrate and tailored for future DeFi applications, which is about to be deployed.

Reef Finance has worked with some of the top DeFi players and ecosystems in the last several months, including Elrond, Avalanche, Tron, and Harmony, to bring the most profitable yield-generating routes to consumers. Reef has consistently strived to provide value to our ecosystem members through a variety of unique products, such as Reef Baskets and Reef Bonds.

Reef is doing something unique with its collaboration with DEIP Network. Reef users will now be able to bet not just on crypto-backed protocol yields, but also on yields of tokenized intangible assets like innovations, patents, and other creative industries available on the DEIP Network. As part of the Reef Baskets, these unique investment options will be offered in the form of fractional NFTs.

About DEIP Network

DEIP Protocol (or Intellectual Capital Protocol) is a Web 3.0 Layer-2 application-specific protocol for intangible assets and derivatives. The protocol enables discovering, evaluation, licensing, and exchange of intangible assets. It is designed specifically for intangible assets tokenization (as F-NFT), governance (via DAO), and liquidity (via DeFi instruments and derivatives). DEIP is focusing on creative industries now and creating the most advanced decentralized protocol for the creative economy.

About Reef Finance

Reef Finance is the first cross-chain DeFi operating system, which offers users the ability to trade with access to liquidity from both CEXs and DEXs. It also offers DeFi services such as smart lending, borrowing, staking, and mining through its AI-driven personalized Reef Yield Engine. Reef has also developed Reef Chain, an EVM compatible DeFi blockchain built on the Substrate framework which will power the DeFi DApps of tomorrow. Reef Chain will provide massive scalability, enabling almost instant and low-cost transactions.

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