OpenDeFi by OroPocket — The Story so far…

OpenDeFi was created to bridge the gap between real world assets and the DeFi space. Created with the goal providing financial services on tokenized real world assets, OpenDeFi provides investors investments with high perfomance and liquidity.

OpenDeFi launched her token, $ORO, on the 13th of November 2020 on the UniSwap protocol platform. The token which was meant to be launched on 11th of November had a minor set back from network outage and UniSwap MetaMask, and other platforms experiencing the new Ethereum chainsplit. The Oropocket team ensured the investors and all her partners were relaxed and they posted detailed summaries of the situation at hand till the tokens were launched.

Upon launching, $ORO tokens crossed $4million volume, few hours after its launch and in 24hrs Oropocket had accumulated over $12million volume in trade. Oropocket listing and accumlations were revealed live on platforms like CoinGecko, Crypto Max, and even the famous CoinMarketCap. The project dragged alot of attention on social media spaces like Twitter, as cryptocurrency experts could not believe their eyes.

Open DeFi Partnerships

In no time, investors and partners started trooping into the project, knowing its prospects and mission to revolutionize the #DeFi space. OroPocket partnered with quite a number of projects and networks like:

  1. Decentralized Oracle Platform, Razor Network

Through this partnership, OpenDeFi was to be integrated with Razor’s Oracle network for real world assets when the platform at Razor’s end will go live. OpenDeFi was to extend support for the farming of Razor’s tokens when users stake their assets on the OpenDeFi platform.

2. Shyft Network

OpenDeFi partnered with Shyft network with the sole purpose of prioritizing security in DeFi, the quest was to bring paradigm-changing security to the DeFi landscape by this partnership.

3. FrontierDotXYZ

With Frontier being a chain-agnostic DeFi aggregation Layer. Open DeFi partnered with Frontier to enable natural flow of value among different Asset Classes & blockchain in the adoption of DeFi. With this users were expected to have postion Tracking, instant exchange between assets — Gold/Silver/$ORO, staking of $ORO, provision of instant loans and the ability to stake real world assets to farm $ORO

Open DeFi had more and more partnerships because of the project’s goals and mission to provide investors real world assets on blockchain, and bring financial inclusion to the world with security and 100% liquidity.

Open DeFi Accomplishments so far…

With so many DeFi projects lined up, OpenDeFi brought a whole new game to the table, providing investors so much. Their concept was came from the need to bring real world assets into the blockchain system, but they did not stop here they moved to provide inbuilt diversification of different asset classes, asset based debit cards with 100% liquidity for real world spending, and much more; zero price slippage.

Open DeFi was seen to be one of the best performed DeFi project amongst others on the 20th of November 2020.


In just few weeks of its launch, Open DeFi has gathered enough momentum to cause change in the DeFi system, and in the coming weeks we will be seeing more accomplishments and milestones. It’s great to be part of something this big.

For more information, join and follow OpenDeFi’s Social Media Links below:



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