News Flash: Phuture goes LIVE on Staking Rewards!

Phuture has announced another great integration with Staking Rewards. This will give users the opportunity to view stats and track the performance of staking $PHTR and USDC/PHTR SLP tokens through Staking Rewards.

The current reward rate for Staking USDC/PHTR SLP is 165% and the reward rate for staking$PHTR is 22.36%.

These are the statistics of the $PHTR token:

  • Number of $PHTR in the LP that are Staked

Users can now use the advanced calculator to estimate their $PHTR staking rewards and stats such as:

  • Adjusted Reward

About Staking Rewards

Staking Rewards is the leading data provider & research platform for yield-generating digital assets


About Phuture

Phuture is a decentralized protocol built for the creation and investment of token-based passive investment strategies in a Web3 environment. Phuture introduces an open design philosophy for creating passive investment strategies, providing the tools for users to create new indices or invest in existing ones created by the community.

Join the community and be a part of the Phuture of indexing!

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