Knit Finance has teamed up with Dash to create wrapped K-DASH tokens, as well as allow Cross Chain Transactions, staking, and yield on the Dash coin.

Knit Finance is pleased to confirm its collaboration with Dash, a cryptocurrency that aims to include a decentralized global payments network at a low cost.

Dash aspires to be a better version of Bitcoin (BTC) by offering more anonymity and quicker transfers. Knit Finance is a decentralized protocol that allows you to create cross-chain wrappers for the top 200 securities.

Knit Finance allows consumers to deposit to secured custody and mint k securities, which are 1:1 equal in value and can be traded, staking for yield, lending, and margin dealing on various chains.

DASH will be built into Knit Finance’s multi-chain network, and wrapped K-DASH tokens will be created as a result of this collaboration. Dash and Knit Finance will both collaborate to increase user marketing visibility.

K-DASH Tokens Wrapped for Cross-Chain Transactions

Since its inception in 2014, Dash has grown to become the most used cryptocurrency for everyday purchases, thanks to a large retailer network that offers great value to its users.

Knit Finance’s multi-chain APY optimization helps consumers to optimize DeFi yields. Knit consumers may use insured custody to increase collateral protection to gain access to wrappers for their whole portfolio.

Knit Finance supports the k token standard, which is a token wrapper for properties stored in insured custody. The exciting partnership between Knit Finance and Dash would include the introduction of Dash on Knit Finance’s multi-chain network. In a wrapped K-DASH token model, this will allow DASH tokens to be transacted through multiple separate blockchains.



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