KeplerSwap $SDS Price Prediction

Godswill Akpan
2 min readSep 21, 2021
Price Prediction

The SDS Token is used to power the KeplerSwap ecosystem for secure & easy transactions. It is a token that will be used as the universal currency for the system’s front-end tools. The SDS Token can be utilized for other services on the system, such as lending, staking, etc.

Coins are listed on a daily basis as the influence of cryptocurrencies grows, this aids to raise awareness and leads to the popularity of the coins as they attain new ATHs (all-time highs), leaving the project with a lot of traction in the crypto space.

KeplerSwap brings creative, unique, and game-changing use cases to the tavle which makes the project a prospect in the crypto market, and its utility token, $SDS a good chance to reach the eyes of major investors. This governance token has a high probability of soaring because of its rewards to investors and holders.

Tokenomics and Market Price Predictions…

The entire supply of $SDS is 210,000,000, with 80% of the SDS coming from mining, 10% going to private placement, and 10% going to marketing and other business-related operations.

The debut of $SDS is scheduled for the third week of September, and as the day approaches, it is creating enough excitement and awareness. The project is also welcoming everyone to join in the pre-sale, which is now underway. The presale price is 1SDS =0.2USDT, and the price tends to increase by a thousand percent or more on listing.

KeplerSwap is a feasible project with good fundamentals and a roadmap that has a lot in store for investors and holders of $SDS as the project continues to expand and grow. The project is long-term and launching on exchanges like Binance would definitely increase the number of $SDS transactions, which also means an increase in the value of $SDS. Investors are thus advised to get into the project while it is still at its initial stage because with the recent market uptrend, there’s a certain possibility that we might have 1SDS = $100 by this very bullish year.

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