Introducing the next generation of Financial Ecosystem: KeplerSwap

The quick growth of the decentralized finance space, the increase in demand, the advancement of its protocols, and the range of available services and opportunities will provide retail consumers with the options that the incumbent financial system badly lacks. It will also allow institutions to shift real-world assets onto the blockchain, resulting in significant cost reductions and efficiency gains.

Decentralized finance has been groundbreaking, and it is not surprising that it is solving many problems that centralized money could not. It has boosted the incalculable value that has been produced by conventional digital currency. DeFi is currently in version 1.0, which includes constraints such as scalability and uncertainty.

Since Decentralized Finance avoids the additional fees being charged by a middleman like banks or brokerages, the implications are that:

  • The services provide by CEXes utilize digital assets as collateral instead of being decentralized.
  • Participant transactions are done using smart contract technologies.

These implications can be avoided with an upgrade in the way conventional DeFi transactions are carried out, which implies a transformation from DeFi 1.0 to DeFi 2.0.

What is KeplarSwap bringing to the table?

Many DeFi projects today are particularly associated with the issuance of tokens for the purpose of increasing their token minting. There is no difference or innovation in the community management and distribution of cryptocurrency. The apathy of the users towards participation in community governance has also led to the increase in the focus of miners on high reward tokens.

These issues all boil down to a negative impact on the development of DeFi, much more the provision of liquidity for these projects. KeplarSwap thus envisions the establishment of a more sustainable cross-chain decentralized finance platform under DeFi 2.0.

The DeFi 2.0 Concept…

With DeFi 2.0, liquidity providers are the major set of persons who will be connected to the community. This system uses a liquidity reward structure as an access point, tying each reward with the transaction of the future user. The goal of this is to provide a standard and more structured user interface, with a feasible and decentralized financial setting. This groundbreaking innovation is an ultra-modern governance innovation.

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FrontEnd Developer | Machine Learning Enthusiast | Digital Marketer | Content Creator | Rugged Christian

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