Gleam finance is a blockchain agnostic platform, and a superior decentralized financial ecosystem focusing on simplifying decentralized finance merchandise for customers by way of highlighting ordinary finance’s key attributes. Deployed on the Ethereum Network, it integrates multi-chain interoperability, as a consequence proposing a plethora of monetary primitives, which represent savings, advisory, loans against assets, investment/funds management, and swaps.

Recently we launched and deployed our smart contract on Ethereum mainnet and on the BSC testnet, and we are opening the doors for our seed and private sale so early investors can gain much from us.

$GLEAM Token Distribution

The whole furnish of Gleam Finance is capped at 9,000,000 $GLEAM. Early Backers and Public Sale: 2,250,000 $GLEAM are allocated to a variety of purchasers, together with the early backers and public sale.

● Tokens allotted to early backers and strategic companions are vested for 12 months. 15% Tokens will be unlocked on the listing date, with the remaining 85% distributed every day from Day 31 onwards for the subsequent 11 months.

● 450,000 $GLEAM tokens are allotted as public sale They are a hundred percent unlocked on the day of listing.

● Reward Pool & Ecosystem Funds: 3,210,000 $GLEAM is allotted for the neighborhood as a reward pool and ecosystem.

● Total reward pool of 960,000 $GLEAM will be disbursed beneath incentive programs along with yield farming, staking and liquidity pools over a period of 12 months.

Gleam Foundation: The Gleam Foundation is allotted with 1,800,000 $GLEAM token with 24 months vesting. The identical will be correctly utilized for future strategic funding necessities and product development. Team: 1,350,000 $GLEAM tokens are allocated to founders & the team who have worked difficult to put collectively the product to reality. $GLEAM with 18 months vesting.

● Team Tokens will stay locked for the first 6 months

● The team tokens will workout a each day distribution to minimize any concerns concerning to bulk token unlocks.

● 1,800,000 from early-stage inventors

● 450,000 from public sale

● 450,000 for liquidity provision of exchanges

● 960,000 tokens dispensed as part of yield farming and marketing rewards


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Community Manager at Tars Protocol | Social Media Manager | SEO | Content Creator | Digital Marketer | DeFi | P2E | Solidity

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Godswill Akpan

Community Manager at Tars Protocol | Social Media Manager | SEO | Content Creator | Digital Marketer | DeFi | P2E | Solidity