FlameDeFi and Instaraise form a strategic collaboration to provide DeFi options to the market.

Instaraise has announced its Strategic Partnership with FlameDeFi to extend SpaceFarm’s capabilities to a wider audience.
Instaraise is one step closer to achieving its goal of turning incubation into a full-fledged business by leveraging the DeFi ecosystem to develop Farms and much more. This agreement will elicit a huge change in the DeFi market with the addition of Instaraise to Flame’s ranks. This strategic relationship will be critical in propelling Yield Farms into widespread acceptance for the initiatives Instarasise has listed.

Instaraise, as a Tezos ecosystem incubation and fundraising platform, aims to introduce more and more high-quality projects to the ecosystem. Not only that, but our IDO approach makes facilitation more safer and more reliable.

With the widespread use of DeFi and Yield Primitives in the Tezos ecosystem, there is a pressing need to establish advanced farms and staking pools.

This integration seeks to make the most of Spacefarm by incorporating a liquidity farm pool into our IDO platform.

Instaraise will introduce Flame DEX and its outstanding features on the Instaraise platform as a result of the collaboration with FlameDeFi, which will be a fantastic addition to the services that Instaraise provides to projects and its users.

Instaraise is a completely decentralized fundraising and Incubation platform. We aim to empower projects with fundraising ability while developing loyal users, at the same time, allowing retailer investors and potential users to access early investment deals.

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