A good exposition to the KeplerSwap Whitelist

You’ve certainly heard a lot of phrases and jargon in the blockchain sector, one of which is “whitelist.” In blockchain, a whitelist is a list of recognized or verified persons, institutions, computer programs, or even bitcoin addresses. The whitelist is the polar opposite of a blacklist — you know, that list of things or people that a person doesn’t like and doesn’t want anything to do with for reasons only that person knows about.

A whitelist (or, less typically, a pass-list or allow-list) is a method that permits some identifiable entities to access specific permission, service, mobility, or recognition, i.e. a list of items allowed when everything is banned by default. It’s the polar opposite of a blacklist, which is a list of items that aren’t permitted by default.

The Keplerswap whitelist isn’t unusual, but it does provide consumers the opportunity to participate in a beta test. The number of people who can be whitelisted on Keplerswap is limited to 200. The restriction for each nation is 3–5 Whitelist users. To be qualified for the Whitelist, a user must be a firm believer in Keplerswap as well as an environmental contributor. It goes without saying that users must join the Whitelist in order to engage in Keplerswap token transactions.

Because the Keplerswap ecosystem is now operated via a referral system, all subsequent and future interactions and connections will be limited to those on the whitelist. They’ll be posting some of the whitelist users’ invitation codes on the DApp, country by country, so that those who are invited to join the Whitelist may make even more money. Keplerswap has devised a method of incentivizing this mechanism. If a referrer uses their referral code to invite other individuals to join Keplerswap, he or she will get continuous benefits for the money created by the referee. The more people who engage, the more money make.

Watch out for my next article on how to join the KeplerSwap Whitelist!
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