A dive into KeplerSwap Tokenomics

The KeplerSwap Token: SDS

KeplerSwap’s native token is called SDS. In KeplerSwap, SDS is also essential for establishing decentralization and autonomy.

SDS is essential for KeplerSwap to transition from a single point of concentration to a distributed network of points and people. It’s also a cornerstone to self-government since it allows KeplerSwap and its users to operate, function freely, and have a say in KeplerSwap governance.

SDS Token Distribution

A total supply of 210,000 SDS has been proposed and agreed upon by KeplerSwap. SDS is now trading at $0.2 in the pre-sale, and it is expected to rise to $0.3–$0.8 in the public auction.
The KeplerSwap native token (SDS) has been given in various percentages to various parts so that it may be readily disseminated to its intended audiences. The following are the various sections:

  • Yield Farming: In yield farming, 80% of SDS is distributed for Yield Farming. Yield Farming is also called yield harvesting. Yield Farming is the process that allows cryptocurrency holders to generate high returns on their holdings. So in KeplerSwap, you can generate high returns / rewards by just staking, lending and holding of the SDS token.
  • Airdrop: Here, 10% of the SDS is distributed for Airdrops. In terms of Airdrops, the total 10% have been unlocked and will be distributed over a period of 3 years to people to people who are opportuned to get it via this channel.
  • Presale: 6% of SDS is distributed for Presale. Here, it is only available for purchase by its employees, whitelist members and people that believe in the KeplerSwap Project before listing. 20% of the SDS distributed for Presale is unlocked at listing and are released on a daily basis for a period of 5 months.
  • Public Sale: 4% of SDS is distributed for Public Sale. Here, it is available to everyone after it has been listed, it can be stacked up by anyone that is interested in the project. 20% of the SDS distributed for Public Sale is unlocked at listing and are released on a daily, for 5 months also.
  • Team: 0% of SDS goes to the KeplerSwap team meaning that they actually take nothing home. This is indeed a selfless service. So we all have seen now that the KeplerSwap Project has the best interest of its users at heart.

For more information about KeplerSwap

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