This article explains the basics and fundamentals of SKALE Network, with a detailed explanation of the following areas:

1. Understanding the term “Decentralized Finance” — A brief overview of DeFi and its development since inception.

  • The Concept of DeFi
  • Development of Decentralized Finance

2. The Prominent Ethereum Interoperable Elastic Blockchain Network: SKALE Network

  • History of the SKALE Network
  • What then is the SKALE Network?

3. A deeper dive into SKALE: The SKALE Network Technology

  • SKALE Nodes
  • SKALE Manager
  • Node Creation/Destruction
  • Flexible sidechain creation
  • SKALE and the N.O.D.E Foundation


  • SKL Token Usage
  • $SKL Distribution and Listing

Instaraise has announced its Strategic Partnership with FlameDeFi to extend SpaceFarm’s capabilities to a wider audience.
Instaraise is one step closer to achieving its goal of turning incubation into a full-fledged business by leveraging the DeFi ecosystem to develop Farms and much more. This agreement will elicit a huge change in the DeFi market with the addition of Instaraise to Flame’s ranks. This strategic relationship will be critical in propelling Yield Farms into widespread acceptance for the initiatives Instarasise has listed.

Instaraise, as a Tezos ecosystem incubation and fundraising platform, aims to introduce more and more high-quality projects to the…

The KeplerSwap Token: SDS

KeplerSwap’s native token is called SDS. In KeplerSwap, SDS is also essential for establishing decentralization and autonomy.

SDS is essential for KeplerSwap to transition from a single point of concentration to a distributed network of points and people. It’s also a cornerstone to self-government since it allows KeplerSwap and its users to operate, function freely, and have a say in KeplerSwap governance.

SDS Token Distribution

The public’s interest in DeFi activities has grown in terms of global financial trading. The primary driving force is “liquidity withdrawal,” which is a technique for initiating liquidity.

In terms of financial transactions, “yield farming” refers to the process by which DeFi users exchange assets for a specific deal in exchange for the original deal token. The on-chain implementation of the DeFi protocol will be supported by KeplerSwap. The development of the whole ecosystem will be added as more individuals contribute to the mining pool’s liquidity.

The amount of funds accessible on the KeplerSwap platform determines the platform’s stability. The…

What is Persistence building?

Persistence currently aims at the building of an ecosystem of financial products, with a focus on both institutional and crypto-native use cases. These products include plend, Asset Mantle, Audit-One, pStake, and Comdex.

The Focus of Persistence

Non-Fungible Tokens:

A non-fungible token is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, audio, videos, and other types of digital files. Persistence enables access to real-world and digital assets, such as invoices and collectibles

Proof of stake:

Proof of stake protocols…

A great collaboration has taken place between Knit Finance and Figment which is one of the top solution providers when it comes to staking, middleware, and application layer solutions.
Users will gain greatly from this collaboration because they will gain a great opportunity to stake their native tokens and earn from them. Original token assets will be insured by custodians and generating staking rewards, users can also utilize users who will have access to the added advantage of extra earning’s opportunities by staking their native token, while their wrapped kAssets for liquidity provisions, margin trading, lending, and trading.


Knit Finance has announced another great partnership with Telos which is a blockchain platform that aids in the building of scalable distributed, fast
Telos is a third-generation blockchain platform for building scalable distributed and fast applications which don't have transaction fees. The telos network has been built to power future economies and proffers solutions to worldwide issues.
This telos network also has governance features that enable organizations to shift decision-making and influence to a more collaborative and transparent model.
This collaboration will enable users to move wrapped $TLOS tokens across multiple chains like Polygon (Matic), BSC, MoonBeam, Heco Chain, Ethereum, and Fantom with…

Knit Finance’s integration will unlock DeFi opportunities for CTSI across multiple chains. Knit Finance has announced a great news that it is integrating Cartesi (CTSI) into its platform.
Users can normally deposit tokens with the knit Finance platform to an insured custody platform and mint k assets which are 1:1 equivalent in value and are available on multiple chains for trading, staking for yield, lending, and margin trading.

Wrapped K-CTSI tokens for Cross-Chain Transactions
This integration with Cartesi will involve the integration of K-CTSI on its multi-chain platform. This means CTSI can be transacted across multiple independent blockchains in a wrapped…

A lot of great updates have been going on Knit Finance recent and the integration of Polygon Network (previously Matic) into its Multi-chain platform has been one of them.

Polygon is the first easy-to-use platform,well-structured for infrastructure development and full-stack Ethereum scaling while Knit Finance is a unique decentralized protocol for creating cross-chain wrappers for the top-200 assets. With Knit Finance, users can deposit to insured custody and mint k tokens.


Knit Finance integrates Polygon Network into its multi-chain platform.
Polygon assets will now be tradable across multiple chains. …

Knit Finance announces another great collaboration with IOST which is an ultra-fast, decentralized blockchain network based on the next-generation consensus algorithm “Proof of Believability” (PoB).
Through this collaboration, Knit Finance will integrate IOST native token into its multi-chain platform, while creating market options and boosting liquidity for both assets. Knit Finance also plans to add K-Asset tokens for staking into the IOST staking platform that offers extremely high staking rewards to users and substantial flexibility.

IOST Network will be able to make use of the cross-chain interoperability enabled by Knit Finance, to allow its native IOST tokens to…


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